How it works

How it works

Why Join?

Earn money

Gone are the days where sponsored athletes don't get paid for promoting companies. With TeamPhysiq you will earn a commission for every new customer you bring to us, forever. The more new customers and orders you generate, the more money you'll earn.

Be part of a growing apparel brand

This is more than just an affiliate program. We're a team and our athletes are what will shape Physiq Apparel into the leading gym wear brand in the world. You'll be part of the decisions on new designs and clothing.

Receive exclusive discounts

We've saved our best discounts and offers exclusively for our team athletes! You will be first to know about exclusive team discounts, and will also have access to exclusive Team Physiq branded clothing.

Get promoted

We want you to grow as much as we want to grow. We'll help you get your name out there through social marketing and adding your profile to our website. We aim to post pictures of every new team athlete on our Instagram profile @teamphysiq.

Our Athletes